We are your IT partner.

We create and develop IT solutions for companies and start-ups.

We have worked on projects in the automotive industry, logistics, pharmaceuticals, insurance, e-commerce and tourism.

Listen and see

At TechOne CZ, we help companies from various sectors find the right solution. Our team of experts with many years of know-how is ready to help you. They know how to listen, identify problems, and suggest the right solution. What sets us apart is our innovative approach, reliability and market knowledge. We take pride in being as open as possible. Write or call – we will find the best possible way.

For us, software is a solution that grows your business

From ideas and visions we create successful projects. We will first listen to you and understand the direction in which your business is developing. Only when we have understood you and your ideas perfectly will we suggest solutions and develop the software. We do not try to sell you expensive apps, rather, we provide you with the knowledge that keeps your business growing.

Customized development

We are highly competent and experienced at managing development projects. We have worked for multinationals, start-ups, and international teams. We view your project from your perspective. We delve deeply into the problem to be solved. We listen to you carefully. We are interested in opportunities, targets, visions and operating costs. For us, the project does not end with delivering the solution. We are always with you. Whenever you need us.

IT support

Delivering the solution is not the end of the collaboration. We stay in touch and are always ready to help. With service contracts, we guarantee the availability and constant monitoring of the application or solution. We correct any errors immediately after they are discovered. You have time to focus on your business, we make sure everything works.

IT specialists for hire

We will happily provide you with a team of experts, or just a single individual, e.g. a developer, IT specialist or programmer. You can hire our experts short- or long-term. For the duration you choose, these experts can become members of your team and help solve specific problems or deliver customized solutions.

Why choose us? We bust the myths about developers. We are empathetic, open and communicative. We will relate to your employees. We share our know-how with you. Together we will successfully implement your project.


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