About us

We have been working on IT projects, applications and customized solutions since 2001. Our projects include both solutions for start-ups and big projects for multinationals. Take a look at our story.

How it all began

At the beginning of the new millennium the internet was still choppy, no one had heard of apps, and phones were mainly used for calls or sending texts. But visionaries already saw the world in its current technological contours. Even back then we liked the sparkling energy that accompanied the emergence of future software and apps. To materialize ideas, to transform a vision into reality, to create a project that changes the world. Technology captured our imagination and our passion for it continues to this day.

Our story

David Máj, founder of TechOne CZ, started his first IT project in 2001. He was always interested in the technical side of things. He educated himself, studied, and grew in tandem with his commissions – from the simplest to the most complex and international.

During his career David has worked out of all kinds of places. He has developed software and technology solutions from the Greek islands, Australia, Dubai, Zanzibar, the Seychelles, Bolivia and from a number of European cities. Being an avid java drinker, he often visits coffee-houses to think. When you ask him, he is happy to recommend great places in Copenhagen, Budapest, Stockholm, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and other cities.

In 2017, David decided that it was high time to start sharing his experience and competence, and founded TechOne CZ. It does custom development, provides IT support, manages projects, hires out specialists and puts together development teams. A significant advantage of the experts from David‘s team is their ability to deeply understand problems, find the right solution, and support the growth of the client‘s business.

David, together with other experts, have worked for the world’s premier companies such as Tesco, Uniqua, Hella, Peugeot, Škoda Auto, Federal Mogul, Firo, Čedok and many others. His customers come from all over the world – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Bolivia and others.



We never step outside the legislation, laws or standards. We adhere to ethical rules and maintain the confidentiality of every project. The safety of your data is our priority. We safeguard you from beginning to end.


We respect the uniqueness of each person and each community. Thanks to numerous implementations abroad, we are able to communicate in all kinds of cultural environments. For us, mutual respect is non-negotiable, and is one of the keystones of our business.


We will always talk with you. We are interested in your requirements, opinions and wishes. We will hear you out to create the best possible solution. We are open to your ideas, innovations and new perspectives. We believe that openness is what drives us forward.


What we agree on is a done deal. We meet deadlines, react flexibly, and respond as quickly as possible. For us, reliability is an important value, one which we fulfill both in large steps and small details.


We often work on projects where we come into contact with sensitive data, so we protect them as much as possible using the latest applications and technologies. We guarantee security and discretion in all circumstances – whether we are collaborating on a project that is large or small.


We communicate in such a way that you can always understand and comprehend. IT is full of technical concepts, and we keep them only for meetings within our team. We will show you that even a more complex IT project can be discussed quite naturally and without unnecessary ambiguities.

Do you see things the same way?

Does our story or our values appeal to you? Do you want to get to know us more or work with us? We look forward to meeting you.