About our style of work: Open communication first and foremost

In our twenty years in the industry, customers have changed. Which is a good thing. Now they have much better idea about what they need. At the first meeting – preferably over a cup of java – our primary job is to listen and find out how we can help the customer. We tune in to their needs, and build a relationship based on mutual understanding and open communication.

Twenty years have flown by and the IT fields have changed. Customers are more qualified, and we enjoy mulling over ideas with them all the more. “In the past, IT marketers used to sell customers whatever they could think of. Even solutions that the company did not need. The situation today is much better because customers are already coming up with their own ideas. And this is good,” says David Máj, founder of TechOne CZ.

To know the customer’s vision

In David's company, the customer is first of all given space to present their needs and visions. Then the IT specialists take the stage – they get to the heart of the matter, talking about what is possible and what is not. This approach saves time for both parties.

“We explain, we analyze. Usually, we reach a sensible conclusion quite quickly – it may turn out that the money spent would not achieve the desired efficiency, and it would be possible to find a solution elsewhere. Our primary goal is not to get the client's cash, but to actually find a solution. That is why we sometimes go back to the beginning and start from another position,” says David Máj, adding that he does not consider the sell-everything-you-can strategy helpful: he would rather to be a partner for the customer.

According to David, most important is mutual understanding, tuning in to a specific task, and support during the search for the solution. There must be trust and satisfaction in the relationship. This is the only effective path to a result. And this is the strategy that David has adopted for project management. That being said, companies can also contact his company regarding two more concerns – with a request to put together professional teams, and with a request for free capacity.

Experts for the team

When assembling development teams, the specific concept of the project is addressed, and the chosen technologies and overall state of the project are discussed. The question is whether the client needs some executive force to come in and assist in implementing a plan, or whether the project needs to be implemented from the very beginning.

“What is important are the customer's expectations and the financial plan of the project, which will be reflected in the solution as a whole. As the customer grows, so should their product. Our extensive knowledge and in-depth solutions help customers grow safely without large initial investments. We put teams together comprising people that the customer actually needs,” explains David Máj.

When a client demands free capacity, David tries to provide the most suitable experts from his team. But, basically, everyone is free to contribute. “Collaboration works a tad differently with us. We are all in contact all the time, we have regular training and meetings,” he says, and adds: “People do not grow by themselves. We monitor trends and help people with guidance and growth. This way, our customers receive much more from us.”

Communication spells success

Key to the success of any project is communication and close collaboration with the customer. When this does not work, it will be reflected in a result that is uncertain, perhaps even forfeited in advance. Effectiveness and communication go hand in hand. Tedious meetings about nothing much are not what David has in mind when he talks about communication.

Besides which, today it is possible to use a number of technologies that speed up and streamline communication and the sharing of information. “The recent weeks of the global coronavirus crisis have proved that technology can help to address some issues. We have been using it routinely to communicate with people on the other side of the world, where we simply cannot travel every day. We use various technologies – WhatsApp, Google Meet, Google Hangout or Slack,” says David Máj.

Security and other values

Security is always the first and last word when working in David's team. He cannot, therefore, be specific about the projects he is currently working on. “But I can say that we originally did purely the development of the solution – the architecture. Now we are gradually expanding our services. We provide expert services, consultations, and know-how,” he adds.

In addition to security, mutual respect, responsibility, and a deep knowledge of the field are key for David and the people on his team. All of which operates under the umbrella of communication, as mentioned several times already. “I am in favor of open communication and mutual respect, whether this is working within teams or with the customer. As soon as any of these aspects fails, it will be reflected in everything, especially in the result,” warns David Máj.