Automation in IT is a must. How can DevOps be helpful?

In IT, innovation, speed and accuracy are crucial when deploying new and updating existing solutions. With this, flexibility and response capability go hand in hand. We will show you that, thanks to automation, you can be one step ahead of the competition.

Improving processes, preparing the best possible solution as quickly as possible, responding to the problem and solving it. In IT, all of this is crucial. Hesitation and slowing down can lead to a loss of clients. Everybody wants to avoid that. That's why we at TechOne CZ are committed to automation and are enthusiastically deepening our knowledge in DevOps Operations so that you can benefit from it as well.

A diligent yet accurate solution

"DevOps is a solution that brings automation to the deployment of IT projects and thus improves the application development process in the testing and integration phase. This is associated with - in what in IT projects is often so much needed - agility. Of course, DevOps also improves communication between teams and increases productivity. As a result, DevOps brings benefits in all directions and for all parties involved,” says David Máj, founder of TechOne CZ.

In essence, DevOps Operations is an agile approach that is used in software development and uniquely connects development and operations companies, making their cooperation much easier. This shortens the speed of delivery of a new or innovative product to the market, reduces the error rate and facilitates updates.

Just for clarification: agile means active and diligent. This concept has been adopted in the field of software development, because it well describes the essence of this process. Agile methodologies can flexibly respond to changing requirements during the development cycle and enable rapid development of IT solutions.

In other words, the automation enabled by DevOps improves the application development process by reducing and minimizing errors and connecting development and operations teams. This makes it easier to deploy updates while increasing the speed of new product delivery. “The result is a level of collaboration between the teams, between developers and clients that is much more professional and tight-knit”, adds David Máj.

Maximum professional support

Experience, insight, and a real knowledge of processes are all important aspects in ensuring DevOps works properly and that you get the most out of it. “We decided to work with DevOps to the maximum every day. Automate everything we can. That is why we can improve - or create - the process of deployment, testing, monitoring and reporting, ”explains David Máj.

He adds that specialists from TechOne CZ have a deep knowledge of software architecture and development itself. “That's why we fully understand your team and together we will find the perfect solution in order to help you reach your set goal. We have a number of demanding projects behind us and we know what is bothering customers the most, where and how problems arise and how to deal with them,” he states.

If you are in the process of software development or updating, contact TechOne CZ - you can arrange a noncommittal coffee meeting with an expert or read more about specific services.