Have you got an IT project idea? Here are some tips on how to launch it successfully

We applaud to any great IT idea. We also know that there is a long way to go between the first idea and its realization, and that you have to conquer many obstacles. Therefore, we have prepared several tips on what to keep an eye on and how to keep enthusiasm the whole time you are working on an IT project.

We have dealt with about seventy projects for big multinational corporations, for world companies and Czech businesses. Each of this IT job was different. However, there was one thing in common – high commitment and thinking has always paid off. We believe that it is high commitment and enthusiasm that help to create first-class IT solution. However, there also has to be the knowledge of IT environment, project management, technologies and all key tools for realization.

Steps towards a successful IT project

An idea is one thing. Its realization is the other. Nowadays, almost every aspect of human life is being digitalized. It can seem that there is an app for everything. On the other hand, there is always potential for their improvement and also some empty space that still await its technology. And this space is for you – for imaginative programmers, IT specialists or start- up founders.

Each and every project is completely different (since it has its own unique implementer). We have put together points it is always advisable to stick to. They work for us well and help us with the implementation of each IT project.


This is different that an idea or thought. The first impulse is great. Maybe it came to you unexpectedly – while running, driving, walking in the woods, or in the shower. You have written it down to you phone or on a paper. Now, however, it is time to define the intention. Ask yourself key questions: What is the goal of your project? What is the direction? What will be the result? What benefit will it bring to its clients or users? And how beneficial will it be for you?


Another different thing is the project assignment itself. Even if you plan on realizing it all by yourself, write it down. Project assignment is the key lead for your co-workers. Everybody should know their tasks. After writing down individual points of realization, go through it a few more times and thing about what you have written. Check that you haven’t forgotten anything. Do individual tasks follow each other? It is crucial for success to find possible errors in the assignment.

Project Plan

You also should create plan (schedule) of the project. When are you going to start its realization? What are the milestones? When should it be ready to see the light of the world? It is important to plan the launch of the project on a specific date (e.g. around Christmas, summer or in different time).

Team Structure

Each project is realized by a big or a small team of people. And they are very important. Therefore, write down both internal and external positions you will need. Is each position assigned? Are you not short of a key co-worker? You can also outsource experts – for example hire them.


Do you know what technology you will use to implement the project? Think about it, write down their pros and cons. A cooperation with more experienced programmers and IT environment experts can help you. A correctly chosen technology can help your project to advance and save you some expenses.

Project management

Project management plays a key role and greatly affects the success of the project. If you do not have experience in this area, you can hire an expert to help and advise you. IT project management is demanding. On the other hand, no one is born a master and it is always good to gain new experience. Regarding project management, we would like to recommend one last thing - if you come to it from the right side, you can save considerable costs. And then you can invest it elsewhere.

Project Implementation

Creativity is pulsing. The project is running. We personally love the phase of project implementation. Even here, however, falls and failures can happen. Maybe you will be waiting for an outsource delivery of a part of the project. Something is delayed or broken or doesn’t go according to plan. This can happen. Do not panic. Concentrate on your plan and your assignment. Keep your head cool.

Project Launch

And then it’s done. IT project is complete. You have performed pilot testing and now you can share your product, introduce it to users. Now you need a bit of marketing sense. Even in this phase you can hire a knowledgeable co-worker that will help you with solution presentation.

Operation and Maintenance

Consider the operation of your solution, its cost and maintenance – better do it at the beginning of the project. The consequent operation cost, technology, updates and so on should be reasonable.

Do you need a consultation for your IT project?

Did you have more and more questions during reading this text? Would you like to sit down with an expert and present him or her your IT project and listen to his or her opinion? This is the service we offer.

We keenly support start-ups and new ideas. This is why we have implemented “Coffee with an IT expert” – we would like to meet you online or offline and talk about your intention over a cup of coffee.

We will go over your project from start to finish, because each phase affects the final result and also the success of IT solution or app in practice. From our own experience we know that if you choose wrong technology or make a mistake in architecture, the whole project will suffer and you will lose the control over the budget, planning and further investments. And neither you, nor we, want this to happen.

Why should you put your trust in us? Maybe because:

  • We have over 20 years of experience with design and implementation of IT solutions, apps and projects of small start-ups and big corporate clients,
  • We communicate openly and sincerely and we believe that a fair approach is the best condition for success,
  • We always look for the best solution and can show you an approach that you may have not seen before,
  • We will be with you during all phases of your project and if you want, we will get involved in the implementation,
  • Aside from technologies, we also have experience with project and people management (e.g. fix time fix price models),
  • Everything we talk about together stays between us. We care about safety of your ideas and data.

Would you like to meet us online or offline? Make a reservation. We look forward to talking about your IT project.