We send you genuine IT experts. How does it work?

The TechOne CZ team has been assembled by true IT experts. This means that the professional who will deal with your project really knows what they’re doing. We take good care of our experts; we help them grow and improve – so your project receives the best care possible. Come check us out. We’ll show you how we work, and you can decide if we’re the right company for you.

We believe the market for IT professionals is oversaturated. Lots of agencies are simply engaged in mindlessly outsourcing IT professionals. That’s not the way we do things. We’re not a company that amasses IT professionals and sends them willy-nilly to wherever the demand might be. We think about what we do, we communicate about it, and we choose IT professionals who are the right people for your project. We believe this strategy in the long run is a win-win for everyone.

IT professional hiring is well thought through

Before we advise you on your project, we carefully listen to what you have to say and try to best understand your aims, your journey, as well as your goals. “Listening is key for success, in my opinion. That’s why we manage our own IT professionals hiring. And since we’ve been operating for more than twenty years, we know what clients want from us and what their project truly needs,” says the founder of TechOne CZ David Máj about his company policy.

Hiring IT specialists is more than just providing experts for projects. The first step is analysis and careful selection. Each expert brings many years of know-how from their personal as well as professional lives, and with this come ideas and experience for high-quality project execution.

Knowledge of processes and customers

“We provide professional guarantees for IT projects. We care about open communication. Our style of work is a bit different,” adds David Máj, whose company operates not only in the Czech Republic and across the whole of Europe, but provides IT professionals who can communicate in English, Spanish and Czech from around the world.

Another benefit of working with TechOne CZ is their knowledge of custom development, which enables professionals to better and more deeply understand customer needs and their projects. Understanding technology is the alpha and omega of the whole process.

“Cooperation with us works like this: we supply you with IT professionals who are well taken care of and we try to do as effective, high-quality work as possible, so the client is satisfied. If we feel a change needs to be made, or if our help is needed elsewhere, we’re pro-active – we let the client know. We come up with suggestions and recommendations about what to focus on,” says David Máj.

Knack for the right solutions

At TechOne CZ, IT professionals receive the care they need so they can stay at the top of their field. Education and qualification-building are key parts of our company. “We also try to check the work of our professionals and improve customer service. Even when we’re only hiring you IT professionals, we’re still interested in the project. We always try to contribute with our know-how and move the whole thing in the right direction,” explains David Máj.

The quantity and range of experience the company has is another great asset. For example, we’ve experience in portal solutions based on SharePoint On-premise/Online, Kentico CMS and Sitecore CMS. “We’ve also become experts on developing solutions based on ASP.Net and .Net Core, including frontend applications written in React, Angular and Vue.js. Solutions are built for on-premise as well as for the cloud,” says David Máj.

Given TechOne CZ’s many years of experience developing solutions, the company knows how to deliver specific solutions and can help you understand, plan and implement the whole project. Mistakes are often made in the initial stages of assigning a project, which is something that can be avoided by working with experts.

Coffee with an IT expert

Starting out with TechOne CZ needn’t be large-scale or spectacular. We’re open to working with small as well as big projects. For starters, you can simply enjoy coffee with an expert during an online or offline meeting and discuss with them your project, its assignment, concept or route to success.

“We know from experience that choosing the wrong technology or making an error in the architecture affects the whole project, and you lose control over budget, planning and other investment,” explains David Máj.

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