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You can ask us anything. There’s no such thing as a question that’s too rudimentary, stupid or naïve. Our common goal is to move your project forward.


Have you come up with a great idea for an IT project and wondering how to make it happen? Let’s talk it through. We’ll help you move forward.

Super brands

Are you working on a great brand and IT solution that the world has never seen? We’ll tweak each and every detail with you. Drop us a line.


Are you working on an IT project that’s going to become part of your company? Do you want some reassurance that you’re going in the right direction? Come for a consultation.

Three things typify our approach: we’re open, we like to talk about IT and we love coffee. That’s why we’ve come up with the “Coffee with an IT expert” project for all those who are at the early stages of their projects, who need to think things through, who want to move forward with their solution, and who want to find out if they’re heading in the right direction.

Meeting over coffee

If you’re going to consult your IT project with us, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. That’s why we like to meet over coffee, tea or a drink. We can talk about the goals of your project, about specific solutions or technological options. You choose the topic.

What can we talk about?

Project management

We’d love to know what the aim of your project is and where you’re going with it. We’ll discuss your plans, as well as the best way towards achieving results.

Project management

We should also examine your project management and look for potential financial savings. We’ll highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your project.


We’ll go over your project assignment and check whether you’ve thought of everything. Identifying mistakes at the assignment stage might be crucial for the success of the project.

Operating and maintaining solutions

We can also consider how your solution operates, its costs and maintenance. This way you’ll be ready for your project’s post-launch stage.

Team members

Operating and maintaining solutions We can also discuss your team composition and see if you’ve got everything covered or whether there’s someone missing. We’ll gladly recommend IT experts who will make your team complete.


We can reflect on the choice of technology and analyze its pros and cons. We’ll introduce you to modern tools and their utility.

Keep your project under control

We’ll consult with you on your project from start to finish, because each project phase affects the final result and how well your IT solution or project will operate. We know from experience that choosing the wrong technology or making an error in the architecture affects the whole project, and you lose control over budget, planning and other investment.

Why should you show your project to us at Tech One CZ?

We know what we are doing

We’ve over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing IT solutions, apps and projects for small start-ups as well as big corporate clients.

We love to chat

We communicate openly, we stay in our lane, and we believe fair play is the best prerequisite for success.

We focus on results

We always look for the ideal solution, we’ll show you how to get there and some approaches you might not know.

We’re partners

We’ll be with you during every phase of the project and, if you like, we can even participate on the implementation.

Lean on us

Besides technology, we also have experience in project and people management (e.g. fixed- time fixed-price model).

Have no fear

Everything we discuss stays between us. We care about the security of your ideas and data.

Do you want to consult us?

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We know technology and we know people. That’s why we’ll examine your project from every angle and help you implement it – so everything works just right.

Meet us online or in person. For starters, leave us a message on this form. We’ll get back to you and discuss a date for our meeting.

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