We have worked out of every possible environment. Co-working spaces, offices, and coffee- houses all over the world. Still today, we continue to travel and work remotely using the latest technology. Most of the time, though, you can find us in our design office in Prague.

Inspiring environment

Our Prague co-working space sports a friendly atmosphere that helps us achieve the best results.

Latest technology

For our work, we use the latest communication technology. We can work on your project in Prague while you are travelling. Or vice versa.

Design office

We insist on a beautiful environment. So we went for co-working designer offices. And we invite you to join us for a cup of java!

Where do we work from?

Our team works out of the Impact Hub D10 co-working center, just a short distance from the Anděl metro stop. The place is buzzing with an inspiring atmosphere, and we have facilities for business meetings and great java. Pay us a visit.

Why did we choose co-working?

We love new ideas and innovation. We tried working out of various places and co-working suits us the most. We have space to work intensively when we need it, and we can meet and talk to other professionals whenever we want.