We have participated in more than 70 projects for corporations, medium-sized companies, and start-ups. We have worked with budgets worth millions and brought projects to a successful conclusion. We have chosen for you some examples of collaboration with our largest customers.


We have implemented a number of successful projects for car manufacturers and their suppliers, which despite being demanding we still look back on fondly.


The energy industry is always a challenge for us. We relish their demand for precision and efficiency. We have collaborated with the leading companies in the market and pushed the boundaries of what is possible.


There are a number of challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. We have played our part in tackling a few and are proud to have fulfilled our assignments fully.


We have worked on a number of projects, IT solutions and applications in the insurance and finance industries. We have selected the following references.


We also value our retail clients, for whom we have created a whole range of interesting projects.


Tourism also places high demands on IT solutions and applications. We enjoy collaborating with travel agencies and tour operators.