We create and develop customized IT solutions. We work with modern tools and follow the news. We see every idea as a challenge. We like to push the boundaries. Check out our services.

Customized development

We develop custom projects. We understand your issues and turn them into a working solution.

DevOps Operations

Use our know-how in DevOps. We will improve your processes for deploying new solutions and connecting your teams.

IT Support

We stay with you even after the project is delivered. We will help you with updates, changes, adjustments. Call us anytime.

Customized development

We design and develop custom projects. We are ready to help you with websites and portal solutions, with production control systems, with enterprise IT systems, as well as with document administration and management. We implement solutions that respect your needs and wishes. We are open to new challenges – send us yours.

Information portals

We will create an effective information sharing solution, whether with customers, partners or employees. Information will be accurate and easy to find. We will create a customized portal for you, and fill it with the right content. Get a sophisticated and modern website with a host of useful features.


Do you have an e-shop or are you planning a new online store and need help setting up, programming, or updating it? We will handle everything for you according to your specifications and ideas. We will come up with new solutions that will increase your sales and improve your customer service.


IoT data application

Do you need to track or monitor vehicles, collect data from sensors and perform analyses on them to get the desired outputs? We will design and program intelligent systems that make working with data easier, faster, and more efficient so you can easily use it to your advantage.


Integration projects

Are you going to integrate projects? We can help! Changing processes should be simple and secure. Entrust us with your integration projects and we will successfully connect any disparate systems. Our know-how and many years of experience will guide the process.

Mobile apps

We will design a mobile application for you with a clean design that is functional and attractive for your customers or business partners, or for the internal needs of your company. We can handle even the most complex tasks, and will focus on making your new application work efficiently and ensuring users like it.

Logistics management systems

We will make you a customized logistics management system or upgrade the existing one. We will understand your warehouse setup and business needs and deliver an intelligent solution that will speed up and simplify processes, minimize costs and become the foundation for your company's success. We can also help you with the development and expansion of existing capabilities.

Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence

We will provide you with comprehensive services in the area of data consolidation, analysis, design and the implementation of data warehouses. We will develop a custom solution just for you. We will collaborate with your customers and business partners. Let us give you the ability to work efficiently and quickly with operational data, and be more competitive and attractive to your clients.

SW testing

Software testing is part of our work and the creation of any information system. We will audit your software, suggest recommendations, and make any necessary improvements. We will put our experience from large-scale projects to good use.

We will share our knowledge with you

In our field, knowledge and know-how are absolutely key. That is why we constantly nurture them, as well as acquiring new knowledge. We design solutions based on a deep understanding of your needs.

Project management

  • Scrum
  • Prince2
  • ITIL


  • Angular 
  • React.js
  • Vue.js

Cloud environments

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform


  • Cypress
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • SoapUI


  • .Net Core
  • Python, Django
  • PHP Nette, Symfony
  • Node.js

Application platforms

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Kentico CMS
  • Sitecore CMS

UI frameworks

  • Fabric UI
  • Material UI
  • Telerik
  • DevExpress


  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub, GitLab
  • Kubernetes, Docker


  • NoSQL - MongoDB
  • Redis
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL

IT projects Automated Deployment

If you provide IT solutions or work on new software development, you will benefit from deployment automation. This agile process makes everything faster and easier. We will connect development teams with other teams in your company or with your customer. This will shorten the delivery time of both new products and any updates that are needed for the existing solution. You will always be one step ahead.


DevOps supports automation in the deployment of IT projects, thus improving the application development process not only in the testing and integration phase.


Automation brings your agility to the next level and shows your clients what the delivery of a professional IT solution looks like.


DevOps makes everything faster: development, updates, innovations, or even deliveries of a new product. Flexibility goes hand in hand with this.


All this leads to more content and more productive teams. Employees are more involved, with more opportunities for professional growth.


DevOps Operations speeds up and improves communication. This leaves more time for important things like innovation.


The agile approach brings together development, operations, and other teams in the company in a unique way. The result is close and professional cooperation.

IT support

For us, the collaboration does not end with the delivery of a solution, project or application. We stay in touch and are always ready to help. We can constantly monitor you applications or solutions. Our contract will guarantee you uninterrupted availability. We correct any errors right after they have been discovered. You have time to focus on your business, we make sure everything works.

Infrastructure monitoring

We will constantly monitor your infrastructure. We will supervise your IT environment so that it is functional and error-free.

Reactive support

With the help of certified resolvers, we will provide you with reactive support in the event of an unplanned interruption of IT services.

Remote administration

We can check remotely whether your software is working properly and fix any errors in a timely and efficient manner.

Development and consultation

We offer consultation if you are planning changes to a project, and will help you find the best possible solution.

Are you looking for an IT partner?

Do you need to talk about IT solutions? Would you like to have your own app? Are you interested in automation? Let us know what we can do for you.